Vicky Cabrera

JJ Caldwell

James Marcellus “Pops” Callahan

George Campbell

Khyre Auijuan Campbell

Rodney Campbell

Victor Campbell

Georgie Cannaday – SOLVED August 2023

Treva Cannon

Holly Cantrell – Arrest made October 2022

Effie Verna Cantwell

Eric Carr

Manuel Carrillio

William D. Carroll

Gerthie Carolina

Inez Carpenter

Leslie Glenn Carpenter

Marsha Carson

Corey Carter

Gary Lee Carter

Micheal Elix Carter

Nima Louise Carter

Sherry Carver

Billy Castle

Jane Chafton

Eddie Chatman

Geraldine Chew

Myrtle Childs

George Clark

Mark D. Clewis

Wilma Lee Clifton-Johnson

Shirley Kay Clinton

Ethel Mae Cobb

Kathryn Cochran

Ophelia Colbert

Rebecca Colley

Tommy Coleman

Donna Renee Conn

Aileen Conway

Craig Allen Copperthite

Charlotte Bernice Cook

James Earl Cook

Marlys Renee Cook

Melba “Betty Ann” Coons

James Holley Cooper

Danice Crowder Cope

Deborah Cordell

Sarah Ida Cox

Bruce Allen Craig

James Crawley Jr.

Kevin Joseph Crutchfield

Manfred Leon Cummings

Regina Curtis

Roy Cutsinger

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