Comanche County

Mary Etter, Fletcher 1983

Lisa Farmer, Lawton 1983

Tena Preast, Lawton 1991

Terrence Yellowfish, Lawton 1992

Boaz Zino, Fort Sill 1999

Michelle Crawford, Lawton 1999

Jascie Kaywaykla, Lawton 2008

Courtney Price, Lawton 2014

Kylee Eden, Lawton 2018

Seth Daniel Brimberry, Fort Sill 2017 Presumed Found

Terena Winslett, Lawton 2019

Jolene Wauahooah, Lawton 2020

Brittanie Jones, Lawton 2020

Francisca Stephens, Lawton 2020

Evian Tucker, Lawton 2020 Presumed Found

Jocelyn Walker, Lawton 2020 Presumed Found

Julius Elliott, 2021 Presumed Found

Ellah Davidson, Lawton 2021 Found Alive

Jada Lomawaima, Lawton 2021

Lillian Setser, 2021 Presumed Found

Michael Miles, 2021 Presumed Found

Isaiah Vandiver, Lawton 2021

Tyla Bennett, 2021 Presumed Found

Jenna Head, 2021 Presumed Found

Rebecca Core, Lawton 2022

Norman Robbins Jr., 2022 Presumed Found

Bobby Dale Hamm, Lawton 2022 Presumed Found

Kyle Michael Ketchum, Lawton 2022 Presumed Found

Isaiah Washington, Lawton 2022

Leilana Niedo, Lawton 2022

Joaquin Nazario, 2022 Presumed Found

Samyra Sauseda, Lawton 2022

Meadow Perea, 2022 Presumed Found

Freedom Sellman, 2022 Presumed Found

Aundrea Pickering, Oklahoma City 2023

Otis Lee Watson, Jr, Lawton 2023

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