Missing Age: 42 Years

Nickname/Alias: Gabe Rodriguez

Height: 6′ 0″ (72 Inches)

Weight: 240 lbs

Race / Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino

Date of Last Contact: August 14, 2018

NamUs Case Created: August 22, 2018

Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403

County: Muskogee County

Circumstances of Disappearance: Rodriguez was last seen in Muskogee, Oklahoma on August 14, 2018. He left to go to work at 7:45 a.m. driving his vehicle, a white 2005 Chevrolet Impala with the Oklahoma license plate number CWV-956. He never arrived and has never been heard from again.

His car was found abandoned at the Walmart parking lot at 71st Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on August 30. A photo of the vehicle is posted with this case summary. Broken Arrow is about forty miles northwest of Muskogee. Few details are available in Rodriguez’s case.

Physical Description

Hair Color: Black

Head Hair Description: Short. Fade style

Body Hair Description: minimal

Eye Color: Brown

Eye Description: no glasses or contacts

Tattoo: Right side of neck – ‘Rodriguez’ (English-block letters). Has several other tattoos on various locations leg and arm. Back of neck – bar code. Right forearm, just below elbow – Seven stars. Right shoulder – dead tree with one leaf. Three small tattoos, red ink on right forearm (below the 7 stars) – small dragon, small rabbit, and unknown third tattoo.

Other distinctive physical characteristic: lump on chest, left side below breast.

Clothing: Dark Shorts and t-shirt, ball cap


2005 Chevrolet Impala

Style: Sedan

Color: White

State: Oklahoma

License Plate: CWV-956

Comments: 08/30/2018 – Car was found at 71st Street Walmart in Broken Arrow.

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