On September 8, 1987 Debra McClendon was found shot to death in her truck in the parking lot of the Mountain View Mall in Ardmore. She had left her job to go shopping and when she didn’t come home her husband, Dennis McClendon called Debra’s father and the two began searching for her- unfortunately it was her father who had found Debra in her vehicle that day.

She had been shot in the back of the head at close range while still in her vehicle, and while no weapon was ever recovered, the murder weapon is believed to have been a large caliber handgun. There are no known witnesses to Debra’s murder, and her wallet along with her jewelry were found inside her truck, leading law enforcement to believe that robbery was not the motive.

Debra’s family believe that her husband, or people he associated with at this time might have had something to do with her murder. At the time of her death, the McClendon’s had just purchased a new home, and there were rumors of drug money being owed.

The only possible motive that has ever really been mentioned is a life insurance policy, that someone had something to gain from the death of Debra.

Debra was a daughter, and a sister. Her brother in law would later become a police officer, crediting her murder as the driving force behind his decision to do so. She is missed, and her parents were devastated by her death. Her family deserves closure.

If you know anything about the murder of Debra Jean McClendon, please contact the Ardmore Police Department at (580) 223-1212

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