Cathryn Ellen Heaton Jackson was found murdered on September 7th, 1997 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. No one has even been charged in her murder.

Cathryn was last seen on September 1st, 1997 at 7pm. She borrowed her roommate’s Jeep Cherokee to go to The Village Wal-Mart at 2208 W. Hefner. She never returned. The roommate found the Jeep at that Wal-Mart in a disabled parking spot on September 2nd, 1997. She was reported missing on September 3rd, 1997. At the time she was living at 1611 Brighton in The Village, Oklahoma.

On September 7th a farmer discovered her body in a ditch between NE 150th and Triple XXX Road in OKC. She was fully dressed when found. Unfortunately her body was too decomposed to find a specific cause of death. No stab wounds or gunshot wounds were found during the autopsy and her neck area was too decomposed to find any signs of strangulation. A blue blanket was wrapped around her head when she was found. There was no blood found on her clothing or the blanket. Her tox screen was negative for any drugs.

Cathryn Ellen Heaton Jackson was born in Kiowa, Kansas on November 16th, 1967. She went to and graduated high school in Hobbs, New Mexico and then went on to attend New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. She was heavily involved in AIDS care and advocacy and served as the Director of the Permian-Basin AIDS Coalition in Odessa, Texas and fundraising for the cause in Oklahoma City. She had two young children at the time.

Please call OKC Crime Stoppers with any information in the senseless murder of young mother and advocate Cathryn Ellen Heaton Jackson at (405) 235-7300.

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