Twelve-year-old Amber Nicole Drummond was last seen by school staff at Grove Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 30th, 1994. Her mother, Priscilla Toussaint, came and removed her from class that day. The next day Amber disappeared.

Priscilla reported Amber missing after she sent her to the store for cake mix on April 1st and Amber never returned. It was Priscilla’s 33rd birthday. At the time the family resided at 8102 E. 63rd St. They had moved to Tulsa from Youngstown, Ohio the year before.

On April 5th, 1994, Amber’s body was found on city property behind a water tank on 61st and Sheridan Rd. Cause of death was asphyxiation as a result of duct tape covering her mouth and nose. Her remains were at the dump site an estimated 24-48 hours at the time they were found. The location of her body was 1.2 miles from her home. After the murder DHS took custody of Priscilla’s son Samuel, Amber’s little brother. No reason why was publicly given.

Amber was described as a “very intelligent girl” who knew not to get in cars with strangers. She was a good athlete and loved to read. She loved everyone.

In July of 1996, Priscilla was wanted for the kidnapping of a toddler named Aurienn Jones. According to newspapers she was related to the child somehow. She took him from his home in Youngstown, Ohio and boarded a bus for what investigators believed was Tulsa, Oklahoma. No other information regarding the kidnapping was found.

Priscilla was named a suspect in Amber’s murder but law enforcement has stated that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute.

Please call the Tulsa Cold Case Unit at 918.586.1357 with any information in the unsolved murder of 12-year-old Amber Nicole Drummond.

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