Sherryl Lynne Jacquot

Sherryl Lynne Jacquot

Date of Last Contact: July 3rd, 1999

Location of Disappearance: Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960

Physical Characteristics: 5′ 5″ – 5′ 6″, 115 – 120 pounds, 42 years old, Native female, black hair, brown eyes right back hip Harley wings tattoo, left forearm Harley tattoo, previously broken ribs, extensive jaw and dental work

Last Seen Wearing: Unknown

Investigating Agency: Adair County Sheriff’s Department

(918) 696-2106

Sherryl Lynne Jacquot has been missing since July 3rd, 1999 from Stilwell, Oklahoma.

Sherryl was 42 at the time and was 5’5-5’8 and 130 lbs. She usually wears western-style jeans and white, maybe Reebok brand, sneakers or cowgirl boots. She is Native. She has black hair and brown eyes. She has had extensive dental and jaw work. Sherryl has previously broken ribs. She may use the last name Shade. She generally wore red lipstick and kept her hair big. Sherryl is described as having an infectious laugh, loving her starched jeans, and loving racetrack. She preferred the finer things in life.

Sherryl’s boyfriend at the time was allegedly abusive to her. They were both involved with a rough crowd known for drug use.

Her family saw her last on June 23rd, 1999 when she went to her mother’s house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to borrow some money. Her mother and sister were both at the home and said they saw injuries, to include a severe large cut on her lower back and a deep cut on the instep of her right foot. She told them that she and her boyfriend, name unknown, had gotten into a fight and she fell into a glass-top coffee table. Sherryl’s mom and sister insisted she go to the ER and get checked out but she refused.

On July 3rd, 1999, a week after that incident Sherryl called her mother from an unknown number in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She said she would come to OKC to repay the money she owed her mom but Sherryl was never seen again.

At the time Sherryl lived in a trailer in Stilwell, Oklahoma with her dogs. She didn’t have a phone but used the phone at a nearby grocery store. Her daughter, who lived out of state, called for her at the grocery store on July 3rd, 1999 and Sherryl wasn’t around for the call.

Sherryl sometimes fell out of contact with her family for short periods of time, but never for months at a time. Her family didn’t know she was missing until a family friend called her mom and said they’d heard Sherryl had passed away. This prompted the family to contact her but they couldn’t get a hold of her. They went to the last know address for Sherryl, the trailer in Stilwell, and found the trailer in disrepair and it looked as if no one had lived there in some time. The dogs were on the property and they had not been fed or taken care of. Her personal belongings had been left behind. The small light brown/off-white/light rusty red Datsun pickup she drove has never been found.

Please call the Adair County Sheriff with any information on the whereabouts of Sherryl at 918.696.2106

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