On October 23, 1994 a couple from Arkansas who were spending their Sunday evening picking pecans came across a grizzly scene. The body of a female wrapped in plastic landscaping mesh.

The body was located in Sequoyah County along Highway 640 and was roughly thirty feet from the road. The landscaping mesh had been secured around the body with rope, and it’s believed that the remains had been there for approximately six months as the remains were severely decomposed.

Its believed that the woman had been murdered and that she had been somewhere between the ages of 35 and 50. Partially remaining hair was grey and dark; straight and cut short in a crew cut style. Her eye color is unknown. Only partial skeletal remains were found, however there is DNA on file for her, and it is believed that she was caucasian. I have included screenshots for all DNA comparisons that have been done for her thus far.

She is currently known as Dora Doe.

If you have any information regarding Dora Doe, please contact the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department at 918-298-9155.


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