Linda Lee Mack was murdered just outside of Carter on October 12, 1982. She was thirty-five years old.

At the time of her murder, Linda was a nurse, working at Community Hospital in Elk City. She had left work and was on her way home, when her vehicle was apparently struck from behind and pushed off the highway. She was found at about 11:40 pm, approximately forty minutes after she left the hospital, by people driving down the highway. At first, they thought she had been a victim of a car wreck; however, Linda was found lying about 35 feet away from her vehicle, she had been stabbed, strangled, and her throat had been cut. She was still dressed, and her purse with all of its contents was found in her truck. No motive for her murder could be found.

Linda and her husband were both from Crystal Lake, Illinois, and they hadn’t lived in the area very long. They also hadn’t been married for very long, either. Only for about a year and a half. After Linda’s murder, her husband returned to Illinois. In 1983, Linda’s co-workers at Community Hospital dedicated a stone monument to her at the same spot where her body was found.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Linda Lee Mack, please contact the OSBI at 800-522-8017.

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