Jeffrey Ben

Jeffery Ben was eighteen-years-old when he went missing on January 29th, 2001. He had been at his uncle’s home in Clayton for a Super Bowl party. For just over five years, when Jeffery left his uncle’s house that night, that was the last anyone heard from him. The truck he was driving was later found just off of Nine Pine Rd. where it was assumed that he had missed the curve, running off of the road and hitting a tree. Jeffery was nowhere to be found.

Then, in March of 2006, a logger found human remains about two miles from where Jeffery’s truck had been found five years prior. The remains would later be determined to be those of Jeffery Ben.

The Pushmataha County Sheriff has said that they cannot be certain that Jeffery had even been in the vehicle when it crashed, that the damage found to the vehicle was minor and that no blood was found on the scene.

Authorities have kept Jefferies case open as a homicide, and have followed up on leads and interviewed several people. No one is talking about what happened to Jeffery, though. Police have said that they cannot even be sure as to what actually happened to him.

All that’s known is that Jeffery Ben was a very well loved individual. His family grieves for him still, and they deserve answers for what happened to their loved one.

If you have any information about the murder of Jeffery Ben, please contact the OSBI at (800) 522-8017.

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