Jean- Ciar Anton Pierce was shot to death in Spencer on August 25, 2012. He was twenty-three years old.

The night that Jean-Ciar was killed he had been at the now defunct Shaker’s Sports Bar when a gunfight broke out in the parking lot. In order to get away from the violent chaos, Jean-Ciar had gotten into his vehicle to leave, but was caught by gunfire. He had been struck in the chin and the chest

The fight at the club broke out when an unidentified male entered the club in the early morning hours and began firing his weapon. Eventually the fray spilled out into the parking lot, with more than 200 hundred witnesses to the fight, and several shooters. However, even though there is video of some of the incident, law enforcement has had a difficult time finding witnesses that are willing to talk.

In 2013 a suspect was arrested for the murder, however he was later released without being charged. He has continued to maintain his innocence in the murder of Jean-Ciar. As of August of 2020 the case is still open and unsolved, with law enforcement issuing a plea in news media for someone to come forward.

Jean-Ciar’s mother has worked tirelessly to keep her son’s name in the media, and for the crime of his murder to be solved. He left behind a grief stricken family who continues to advocate for him and grieve for him.

If you have any information, no matter how small, regarding the murder of Jean-Ciar Pierce, please contact the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department at 405-713-1017.

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