Thirty-two year old Nancy Probst was found murdered in her Midwest City home on November 16, 2000. Her killer has never been caught.

Nancy’s husband, Matthew, arrived home from work to find a window broken. As he looked through the window, he saw his wife laying on the floor and heard their child crying. He didn’t enter the home, instead returning to his vehicle and calling 911. Its believed that Nancy’s murder happened in broad daylight in the middle of a neighborhood. Authorities would find Nancy laying on the floor of her child’s bedroom, with her nine month old daughter alive but distraught in the crib next to her. She was partially clothed and had been severely beaten and killed by a gunshot to the back of the head.

After a series of statements that authorities found suspect, and finding out about a lengthy history of infidelities, Matthew Probst was arrested and charged with Nancy’s murder in March 2001. Authorities stated that the lack of burglary, forced entry, or sexual assault led them to believe that the scene they were called to had been staged by Matthew. Matthew’s lawyer maintains that authorities were tunnel visioned when it came to his client, and that they didn’t properly look at other crimes that had happened in the area around the time of Nancy’s murder. In September 2002, charges against Matthew Probst were dropped, citing a lack of evidence.

At this point, Nancy’s daughter has become a young woman, all without knowing who took her mother away. Nancy deserves justice.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Nancy Probst, please contact the Midwest City Police Department at 405-739-1306.

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