Eva Susan West

Eva Susan West, who sometimes went by Pete, has been missing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma since June 14th, 1985. She was last seen by a friend at her house on southwest 42nd in OKC at 7 pm that day. Eva’s mother filed a missing persons report on her and the newspapers and news stations picked up the story. Soon after it went public someone called St. Anthony Hospital, where Eva’s mom worked at the time, saying she was Eva. She left a message for her mother, saying she was “alright”. Eva’s mother never spoke to the caller so the identity was never confirmed.

Eva owned a cream and brown 2-door GMC truck at the time. Her boyfriend drove it around until he was arrested. Eva’s mom then picked it up from the impound lot. Investigators believe Eva’s disappearance may be drug related. No suspects have been publicly named or arrested.

Eva was 28 at the time of her disappearance. She was 5’5-5’6 and 95 lbs. She has brown eyes and her hair was brown in 1985. Her right ear has no lobe.

Please call the Oklahoma City Police Department with any information on the whereabouts of Eva West at 405.297.1129.

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