Missing Age: 24 Years

Sex: Female

Height: 5′ 3″ (63 Inches)

Weight: 95 lbs

Race / Ethnicity: Asian

Date of Last Contact: May 15, 2004

NamUs Case Created: December 8, 2020

Location: Norman, Oklahoma 73069

County: Cleveland County

Circumstances of Disappearance: The RP, Antonina Vakhrusheva, was the apartment manager where Eri was staying, The RP called police because Eri had paid her May rent, but hadn’t been seen or heard from in almost a month. On 8/19/05, Edmond pd called advising Officer Neal was out on the vehicle (VRH576) listed along with the missing person and the below 2 subjects were in the car, the missing person was not in the vehicle but the occupants advised they purchased the vehicle from YAMAGUCHI, ERI 06/14/04 and YAMAGUCHI has since moved to Japan. Officer Neal advised that CID could contact him for further information. ***Subject is still entered NCIC *****

Physical Description

Hair Color: Black-

Eye Color: Brown

NamUs #MP76280

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