Edward “Eddie” Earl Trotter, Jr. was found murdered near his home in Edmond, Oklahoma on June 19th, 1996. He was 43-years-old.

Eddie, as he preferred to be called, was found on a 75-acre piece of land at 10900 N. Peebly Road. He lived on the land at the time with a roommate. It was initially believed that Eddie died from a stroke but upon autopsy it was discovered he was shot. In fact, they found shotgun pellets, which led them to find he was likely shot with an antique shotgun shell. The gun was his and was missing from his gun cabinet. It is yet to be recovered. He was partially decomposed when found in the woods. He was killed inside his home and then moved outside. His roommate was questioned and then released. Police have said they believe the murder could be drug related as some cannabis-related items were found on the property. Eddie was last seen alive on June 16th, 1996.

Eddie was born in Independence, Kansas on March 14th, 1953. He was a self-employed carpenter. Eddie left behind one daughter and many other family members looking for answers.

Please call the Oklahoma County Sheriff at 405-713-1085 with any information in the murder of father Edward “Eddie” Trotter, Jr.

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