Reverend Carol Daniels was found murdered in her Anadarko church on August 23rd, 2009. She was sixty-one years old.

Her murder remains one that is steeped in rumor and mystery; its also a crime that hit the town of Anadarko hard. This is mostly due to how vicious the murder was.

Carol was found after an elderly couple called police because the doors of Christ Holy Sanctified Church were locked, but Carol’s car was parked out front. Her body was found behind the altar and according to reports her body was laid out in what has been described as a “crucifix” position. She was completely naked, but had not been sexually assaulted and her throat was cut so deeply, she was nearly decapitated. It’s clear that she had tried to fight off her attacker, as she had defensive wounds on her hands. Her hair had been burnt as well.

What isn’t highly publicized is the fact that Carol’s purse and briefcase were missing from the scene; along with the fact that the killer took her clothes with them, and also sprayed some kind of solution around her body- likely in an effort to destroy any DNA they had left behind. There have been very few leads in the case since the beginning, and now nearly eleven years later, this still remains to be an issue.

In the years since Carol’s senseless murder, her church has been torn down and a memorial to her memory is left in its place.

Carol is described as being a lovely woman, who was very caring and soft spoken. Someone who cared a great deal for people. For someone who cared so much about people and her community, this is a truly horrendous fashion to have died.

If you have any information about the murder of Reverend Carol Daniels, please contact the OSBI at (800) 522-8017 or the Anadarko Police Department at (405) 247-2411.

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