Roberta "Bobbie" Lynn Daniel

Roberta Lynn Daniel, also known as Bobbie Lynn Daniel, was murdered in her Watonga home on January 2, 1988. That particular night had been brutally cold, the roads of the town ice and snow covered. Terry Daniel claims that he had been at work that day, a Saturday, when upon coming home he discovered that his wife had been brutally attacked. Bobbie’s skull had been crushed, her throat slit, and a hunting knife plunged into her left side. The knife was later determined to belong to her husband. The window near the back door had been broken, and was the only sign of forced entry into the home. Some jewelry was stolen, but was apparently all belonging to the victim, and not worth a lot. The bag containing said jewelry would later be found alongside a country road. In 1994, a grand jury indicted Terry Daniel for the first-degree murder of his wife, and in 2000 after a week-long trial, Terry Daniel was then acquitted.

There are those who still have their doubts about his innocence, including Bobbie’s daughter from her first marriage. At the time of Bobbie’s death, there was a $500,000 life insurance policy that had been taken out on Bobbie only a few months earlier, which listed Terry as the first beneficiary. By the time he was able to collect on the insurance money, with interest it had grown to about $1,000,000.

There were around 22 other suspects in the case, all of which were cleared, except for Terry. One of the suspects, a friend of the Daniels, was even accused of having an affair with Bobbie. There was no evidence of said affair, and the family friend denied such a thing. However, there was the issue of Bobbie apparently telling her close friend a couple weeks before her death that she was afraid for her life. Why she was afraid, she wouldn’t tell her friend, but Bobbie did state that she was happy with the state of her marriage.

The initial theory was that a robbery had occurred within the Daniel household, with the robber surprising Bobbie, and resulting in her death. However, the evidence for a robbery doesn’t quite hold water. Investigators testified to the fact that the broken window by the door showed no signs of anyone coming through the window, and they also stated that the window was too far away from the door handle for the handle to be reached.

There’s also the issue of the medical examiner’s findings. It appears that Bobbie had been laying on her side for 15-30 minutes before she was turned onto her back. The knife that was found in her side, was also determined to be plunged into her after she was already deceased.

What happened to Bobbie Daniel largely remains a mystery. Some feel that her husband killed her and got away with murder, others feel the killer is still walking around a free man. Whatever the truth of the matter is, justice hasn’t been done for Bobbie, or for her daughter who was only nine years old at the time of her mother’s murder.

If you have any information pertaining to the murder of Roberta “Bobbie” Lynn Daniel, please contact the Blaine County Sheriff’s department at (580) 623-5111.

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