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On July 8th, 1983, the body of a black woman, aged 35-45, was found in a field adjacent to Burlington-Northern railroad on the west side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The woman was found lying on her back face up about 30 feet south of the B-N tracks.

The remains had been there at least 6 months. Found around the body were pieces of clothing, shoes, shirts, and a purse. Two sets of keys were found with her, one set was pinned to her pocket. She was wearing a rust colored pullover dress and a white slip and bra underneath. No underwear was found. There was a small amount of change wrapped in some cloth material found with her. Her body was lying on top of a sweater and a shirt. She had black hair and was an estimated 5’5. She is # UP4931 in NaMus and DNA is available. There are no Oklahoma exclusions at this time.

Please call the Tulsa PD at 918-596-9143 with any information or inquiries on UP4931.

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