Elijah X. Mothershed Bey, 44, Carnesha Powell, 35, and Roshawna Stephens, 15, were coldly executed in their home at 1129 N. Standish Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on January 7th, 2019.

Their bodies were discovered during a welfare check after no one could get a hold of the family. All three were shot. Elijah was shot first, his body found near the door. He’d been shot in the temple. There’s no mention of forced entry and it seems Elijah opened the door for the killer. Carnesha and Roshawna were shot while running away; Carnesha was shot in the top of the head and the neck, Roshawna was shot in the forehead and shoulder. Nothing in the house was taken and there were no signs of robbery or a struggle.

Elijah was a community activist and well-known for his passion and work. He founded a non-profit called MAN 101, a fantastic program mentoring young black men. He worked with Guardian Angels, a volunteer organization to keep streets safe. He was involved with community clean up and art murals.

Elijah was the father of 4 children, one of which worked at Elijah’s new business. He had recently opened a cannabis dispensary called Cannabis Aid on NE 23rd Street aftering championing pro-cannabis legalization. Elijah was an important member in the black community and many looked up to and respected him and his work. He also filed a legal complaint against OKC PD in 2015 for violating many of his rights, including false imprisonment. The case was dismissed.

After the murder, family members report it was difficult to keep police interested in the case. There is very little known publicly about the murder and no suspects have ever been named. Motive for killing the family is yet to be found.

In a strange turn of events, 11 months before the murders of Elijah, Carnesha, and Roshawna, a 64-year-old woman named Wanda Skanes was murdered in the same house. Police believe the murders are not connected. Wanda was the original owner of the home. Elijah and his family were renting the home at the time of their murders. Wanda’s murder is also unsolved.

If you recognize Roshawna’s name that may be because she was listed as missing in 2015, when she was 12. By age 15, Roshawna was living with her mother, Carnesha, and Carnesha’s boyfriend Elijah after a period of homelessness.

Elijah, Carnesha, and Roshawna are missed by their family and loved ones and desperately need justice. If you know anything about the senseless murder of this family please call OKC Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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