On December 29th, 1976, Willard Brown walked into the home of Orval Eugene Eppler on OK 22 near Kenefic, Oklahoma and found Orval murdered. Willard, who had been bringing Orval some keys, immediately phoned the police.

Upon investigation police discovered that Orval had been shot once in the chest. likely with a .22 caliber long rifle. His body had been discovered just inside the door and it looked as if he’d been shot outside and dragged back inside. He was on his back with his hands taped together in front and his feet taped together with medical type tape. It appeared as if a fight had happened before the murder and Orval had injuries to show that. Police reported that Orval’s cup of coffee was still warm when they investigated the scene. Orval was shot around 4:45pm at point blank range. $5,000 was found inside the house which indicates the murder was unlikely to be robbery motivated. Police shared that they believed the murder was drug related initially but no further evidence was found to prove that theory.

Orval was born on June 5th, 1947 in Kingston, Oklahoma. He was married to his wife Linda and had one son but was home alone at the time. Orval had recently owned a restaurant and was known in the area as an antiques dealer.

Please call the Bryan County Sheriff at (580) 924-3000 with any information in the murder of fatherr Orval Eugene Eppler.

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