Muskogee County

Kassaundra Williams Patterson, Haskell 1988

Dawn Nakedhead, Ft Gibson 1991

Katherine Elisabeth Berry, Muskogee 1989

Jamie McChurin, Muskogee  1997

Cordilla Anderson, Muskogee  2001

Deborah Ross, Muskogee  2006

Richard Urista, Muskogee  2011

Archie Chapman, Muskogee  2016

Maynor Vaile, Muskogee  2016

Kristyn Richerson, Muskogee 2018

Gabriel Rodriguez, Muskogee 2018

Juana Martenez-Salinas, Muskogee 2019

Isaiah Jones, Muskogee 2019 Presumed Found

Camri Lawrence, 2019 Presumed Found

Larry Bell, Muskogee 2020

Adrianna Dean, Muskogee 2021

Tamera Banks, Haskell 2021

Robin Lee Beaver, Muskogee 2022

Hector Robert Garcia, Warner 2022

Harley M. Pollard, 2022 Presumed Found

Roxanne D. Simpson, Muskogee 2022 Presumed Found

Katina Needham, Haskell 2022

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