Melissa Flores was definitely alive was the early morning hours of January 27th, 2007. That was the last anyone saw her alive.

On January 26th, Melissa had gone out to a party in Clinton with Shannon Long. At the time Melissa had been living with the father of her youngest child, a man named Ronnie Denny with whom she had been in a years long off and on relationship with. After learning that Denny had been seeing both her and Shannon at the same time, the women hatched a plan to hang out that night to teach Denny a lesson. Her children were left with her sister in law, and off Melissa went in her vehicle to meet Shannon.

According to Shannon, Melissa and two other men hung out at a party. One of the men testified to talking to Melissa in the early hours of January 27th, and that she stated she was on her was back to Cordell with Shannon Long and the other of the two men. Shannon says that she parted ways with Melissa around 4-5am and that Melissa had stated she was going to get her kids.

By 8am Melissa had missed several calls from her sister in law, and she never showed up to pick up her children. Family members went to Denny’s home to see what was going on and found Melissa’s vehicle parked there with her purse inside- however Melissa was not at the residence. She has never been found or heard from since.

In 2015 Ronnie Denny was convicted of killing Melissa after a friend of his testified that he had helped Denny disposed of a trunk. He had stated he never looked inside the trunk, but was told that Melissa’s body was inside. The two men then allegedly drove to an abandoned farm and left the trunk under some brush; they then drove to two different water sources and disposed of parts from the rifle the friend testified was the weapon that killed Melissa. When the areas were searched however, the trunk- rifle parts- nor any traces of Melissa’s remains were found.

Ronnie was tried in a no body case and given life without parole- he has always and continues to maintain his innocence.

When she went missing Melissa was a twenty seven year old mother of three young children. They deserve to know where their mother is and what happened to her.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the body of Melissa Flores, or have any information pertaining to her disappearance, please contact us here or on our website.

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