Maxine Beatrice Green
Maxine Beatrice Green

Maxine Beatrice Green went missing from Pawhuska on October 20, 1961. She was twenty-six years old.

At the time of her disappearance Maxine was recently divorced from Hobart Green, the father of her six children. Though divorced, they were still going through legal issues, as a week before she went missing, Hobart had been due to appear in court for child support issues. He failed to appear, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, however it doesn’t appear he was ever actually arrested.

Eventually, Hobart was convicted of murdering his son by another woman, who was an infant at the time. The child disappeared sometime in 1984, and would be found buried in Missouri in 1985. He had been beaten to death.

After his conviction, Hobart and Maxine’s daughter would go to authorities and tell them that she had been a witness to her mother’s murder in 1961. She stated that leading up to Hobart’s court date, Maxine had been exceedingly nervous, having trouble sleeping, and would obsessively check that the doors and windows were locked. One evening Hobart did come to the house, and Maxine told her daughter to let him in, at which point Hobart forced two of their daughters and Maxine into a vehicle where his girlfriend was waiting. They were then driven to the swinging bridge over Bird Creek, when Hobart stopped and took Maxine out of the car, they began fighting, and the time the daughter saw her mother, Hobart had Maxine on the ground sexually assaulting and beating her. When he began choking Maxine, she stopped moving and was carried to the creek and dumped in a hole. She also stated that her and her sister were held under the water and threatened with death if they told anyone what they saw.

When Maxine’s daughter had gone to the authorities with her story in 1986, they doubted her story. Bird Creek had already been dragged looking for Maxine back in the 60s. The daughter then hired a private investigator who dug out at the site she stated was the burial site, and found some animal bones and some dress buttons, but no Maxine.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Maxine Beatrice Green, please contact the Pawhuska Police Department at 918-287-4545

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