15-year-old Lucille Maxine Harrison was last seen October 3rd, 1982 in McLoud, Oklahoma. Lucille and her family had just moved into their home at 509 S. 8th Street. Josephine Harrison, Lucille’s mom, last saw her at the family’s home, outside in the driveway aroud 730 pm. Lucille was sitting in the family’s vehicle listening to a rock music program. Then she vanished.

Her body was found by a farmer on October 5th, 1982 in a just plowed wheat field two miles southwest of McLoud. She was still clothed and there was no sign of sexual assault. She had been beaten and shot in the chest and the head.

Lucille was Cheyenne Arapahoe and preferred to be called Maxine. She was a tomboy who had recently started playing with makeup but loved playing basketball.

There was one suspect who died in prison. His alibi recanted their statement years later. There are currently no suspects.

Please call the OSBI at 800.522.8017 with any information on the murder of Lucille Maxine Harrison.

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