Thirty-six year old Kathryn Cochran had gone to Tulsa to visit clients on May 26th, 1989. She never made it back home.

Kathryn was a territorial manager for a Tulsa area floral service at the time of her murder. She had called home about 5:30 pm to say she was heading home, but when she hadn’t returned by late that evening, her husband reported her missing.

Kathryn’s body would be found the next day, May 27th. She was found laying in a ditch alongside State Highway 99 about six miles north of Stroud. She was naked from the waist down and had been strangled. Kathryn’s distinctive pink car was later found parked at a grocery store on 51st and Harvard in Tulsa. Authorities believe that Kathryn was likely killed somewhere unknown and then her body was left where it was found.

Two men were seen by witnesses near Kathryn’s vehicle while it was parked. While their descriptions and composite sketches were released of them, they were never identified. Authorities also believe that someone that Kathryn might’ve talked to on the day she disappeared might have information- she was an avid user of CB radio while she drove.

To date no one has been arrested in the murder of Kathryn Cochran.

If you have any information about her murder, please contact the OSBI at 1-800-522-8017.

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