Kasey Russell was last seen or heard from on June 27, 2016. He was twenty-nine years old.

That evening Kasey was known to have been at the casino in McAlester with his girlfriend and an unknown man. On June 27th Kasey spoke with his mother telling her that he had gotten into a disagreement with his girlfriend and was on his way home. According to law enforcement witnesses say he left the casino that night on foot and was headed home towards Tahlequah.

On June 28th, his mother received a text from Kasey saying he was on his way home, he then later texted his step-father saying he was in trouble and needed help.

According to some sources, Kasey’s girlfriend and the unknown man have stated that Kasey left the Seminole Nation Casino in Seminole of July 3rd, and that he left on foot. However, the investigator for the Seminole Nation Casino has stated that all three of them were seen via surveillance video in the parking lot of the casino on June 27th, and that they were all three seen getting into the same vehicle and leaving the parking lot.

Kasey has not been heard from since June 27th, 2016. If he were able to, he would’ve contacted some member of his family. He was incredibly close to his family, at one point living with one of his sister’s in order to help with bills, help around the house, and to help her out with her two children. His niece and nephew cared for Kasey greatly, calling him more than an uncle, that he was more like a dad.

In May 2022, Kasey’s remains were recovered not far from where he was last seen. No one has been arrested in connection with Kasey’s disappearance, or his murder.

If you have any information about the disappearance and murder of Kasey Russell, please contact the McAlester Police Department at (918) 423-1212

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