In the late evening hours of October 1, 1976, Jimmy Don Robinson arrived at his parent’s home in Elmore City. He was there a very short time, only about thirty minutes; long enough to start a load of clothes in the washer, have a short conversation with his younger sisters, and to ask his mother to switch over his clothing to the washer when it was done so he would have the clothes to go to work the next day. Jimmy then said that he had to go drop someone off, and he wouldn’t be gone long, he would be back in about a half hour. Jimmy Don Robinson has not been seen since.

At the time of his disappearance, Jimmy, who was an Army veteran, had just begun working at a car dealership in Del City. In fact, the night he drove to Elmore City he was driving a loaner car from that dealership. Jimmy was very excited that the next day he would be receiving his first paycheck from the job. When he didn’t come back to the house that night, and then failed to show up at work the next day, his family knew something was very wrong.

Several weeks later the loaner car would be found wrecked on Shields Blvd in Oklahoma City.

As with quite a few older missing person’s cases, Jimmy’s is also fraught with problems and questions. The main problem being that in 2010 when the family contacted Garvin County Sheriff’s Office, the entity that Jimmy’s disappearance was reported to, Garvin County could find no record of any kind of an investigation into the disappearance. They have had to completely start from scratch in the investigation.

One of the main questions from that night is who Jimmy left to drop off somewhere. A name was never mentioned to his family members, and Jimmy didn’t invite the man inside the home, though the man was apparently waiting in the vehicle for Jimmy to take him to wherever their destination was.

At the time he went missing, Jimmy Don Robinson was 21 years old and was the father of a young child; he is described as being of slender, yet muscular build- standing at approximately 5’5 feet tall. He had thick dark hair, a mustache, and gray or hazel eyes.

Jimmy’s family has lived without him and without answers now for 43 years.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Jimmy Don Robinson, please contact the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 238-7591.

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