JC Dunn
JC Dunn

On October 24, 1973 the body of JC Dunn was found by his wife in their bathroom, and at first glance, the police would think that his death was a suicide. However, things quickly changed when they realized that while JC Dunn was sitting against the wall, clutching a 12-gauge shotgun, the wound was to the back of his neck- and the bullet casings that the gun would have ejected when fired, were missing from the room.

At the time of his death was a high school basketball coach and shop teacher, though in years prior he had been a successful minor league baseball player. The day of his death, JC had called Ardmore High School where he taught at around 10:30 am asking if someone had tried to call, as his home phone had rung though whoever had called had hung up when he had answered. He had come in that day to teach his first period classes but left early saying that he didn’t feel well- though he might be back around 1:30pm. When investigators found JC, his alarm clock had been set to noon, but it had been turned off, suggesting that it had either gone off already and been turned off or it had been turned off without ever having had the chance to have gone off.

A suspect was initially named in the case, a 68-year-old rancher named Dewey Lindsay, who was a friend of JC’s and had spent the night at the Dunn’s home the night before JC’s murder. In fact, several checks were found in the Dunn home that had been written from Dewey to JC; the purpose behind these checks was never explained publicly, but they had been found shredded, not to mention Dewey and JC were known to gamble together. Dewey was surveilled and eventually arrested before he was released after passing a polygraph. Over a dozen suspected have been interviewed in the JC Dunn case, but so far no leads have panned out and no real motives have ever been found.

JC left behind a wife and two sons that have never gotten any real answers for who took their loved one from them- its been almost 46 years.

If you know anything about the murder of JC Dunn, please contact the Ardmore Police Department at (580) 223-1212

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