Darlene Faye Barcindebar was found murdered in the Hoyt area on June 3, 1993. She was twenty-five years old.

There is very little we actually know about Darlene. Her autopsy lists an address in Lawton, however the newspapers would say they weren’t able to find any relatives and weren’t sure where she lived. It’s likely that Darlene was engaging in sex work or had drug addictions at the time of her murder.

Even Darlene’s actual cause of death is unknown. She was found in a field in Haskell County near Hoyt. She was incredibly decomposed. She was born in South Dakota, lived in Seattle for a time, as well as California, and somehow ended up in Oklahoma. Darlene was Native American, though from what tribe isn’t known. I’m including the only article we’ve found pertaining to her. Maybe someone better at research than us can help us locate a photo or more information about her.

If you happen to have any information about her murder, please contact the OSBI at 800-522-2017

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