Christine Miller

Christine Miller

Date Found: January 2nd, 1989

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Investigating Agency: Tulsa Police Department Cold Case Unit


Christine Miller, 19, had a history of leaving home so when she went missing sometime in 1988 she was not reported as a missing person. She was officially reported missing in January of 1989 from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On January 2nd, 1989 a body was found on the banks of the Arkansas River, at 16100 W. Wekiwa Road, in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The Jane Doe was wearing one white sandal, a blue blouse with white polka dots, and a white skirt. She was also wearing two rings on her left hand – a silver ring with a triangular turquoise design encircling the ring and a silver ring decorated with braided wire.

In 2011 it was discovered that this Jane Doe was Christine Miller. Blunt force trauma to the head was found to be cause of death.

There are currently no known suspects in Christine’s murder.

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