Blyford Carl Bent, pictured here at age 11, was murdered in Clinton, Oklahoma on January 5th, 1977 and it remains unsolved. He was discovered deceased at the New Calmez Inn on a bed at 1130 am. He was not a guest at the motel and it’s believed there was a party in the room the night before.

Other people present in the room at the time were unable to tell investigators what happened to Blyford. No one was taken into custody because investigators were unsure if what happened to Blyford was an accident or intentional. His skull was fractured, a deep depression was found from his right ear to the top of his head. It has since been classified as a homicide. It is not known if the people present at the motel room were ever questioned further in his murder.

Blyford has a complicated past. He was drafted into the Air Force for Vietnam in 1962. Before and after that he was arrested several times for public drunkenness, disturbing the peace and car theft. He was once arrested, while on leave from the Air Force, in Clinton for escaping the jail there with his father, Ruben Bent, after a celebratory night out. Carl was born in Clinton, Ok on December 15th, 1938 and lived there his whole life. He was 38 when he was killed. He was Cheyenne and Arapahoe.

Please call the the Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement at 405-262-4814 with any information on the murder of Blyford Carl Bent.

ETA: Complicated lives have everything to do with someone’s murder. His past activities could be related to his murder- someone who was angry or upset by his past activities. Someone else who also drank. There are no KNOWN suspects in this case so everything he has done becomes a part of the case. Cutting up someone’s life so you are more comfortable will not get a case solved. Cases are solved when the truth is told.

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