Vicky Cabrera

Vicky Cabrera was found murdered on November 16 1998 in Muskogee, she was thirty-five-years old.

Vicky had been found in her vehicle, a white Grand Prix, which had been parked outside of her workplace. She had been strangled to death. She had worked for Interpak for thirteen years prior to her death, and it’s of note that Vicky wasn’t found until the Monday after she died. She had gone out over the weekend to a local club called the Warehouse, and it’s believed that whoever killed Vicky left both her and her car in the parking lot of Interpak because they knew that she wouldn’t be found until the business opened back up for the week on Monday.

When police went to notify Vicky’s two daughters of their mother’s death at her home, Vicky’s boyfriend at the time was also at the home. He told the officers he couldn’t live without her and then stabbed himself in the throat before police could talk to him, he did survive the self-stabbing.

Vicky’s family remains of the opinion that her boyfriend is the most viable suspect in her murder, as his actions prior to and after the murder were rather suspect. It’s also believed that Vicky was about to end the relationship.

Vicky’s family still grieves her loss and the fact that Vicky has not had justice.

If you know anything about the murder of Vicky Cabrera, please contact Muskogee Police Department at (918) 683-8000.

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