Vicki Marie Schoneberg Hill

Vicki Marie Schoneberg Hill, 23, had plans to go to a ladies get together the evening of September 5th, 1984. She and her husband lived at the Westport Apartment Complex located on Southwest Blvd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He worked the night shift and was gone when Vicki went out to her car to start it. When it didn’t start she returned to her apartment. Once back at her place she called the friend and canceled. She then called her sister at 630 pm and told her the car wouldn’t start.

Sometime between 630 pm and 9 pm Vicki was stabbed in her living room. A friend tried to call her around 930 pm and there was no answer. She then went to Vicki’s apartment and knocked and there was no answer. Vicki’s husband came home at 2 am and found his wife murdered.

It’s theorized the killer could have hidden in the pantry and waited for her. It’s also believed they waited until after dark to leave. Vicki apparently had oral surgery recently and it was not successful. She had consulted a lawyer, according to family.

Please call Tulsa Crime Stoppers with any information on the unsolved murder of Vicki Marie Schoneberg Hill at 918.596.COPS.

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