Vernon Hopkins

Vernon “VB” Burl Hopkins, Jr., pictured here at 18, was murdered on January 13th, 1990 in his mobile home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was a 40-year-old disabled Marine veteran who had recently lost his arm in an industrial accident. The night of January 12th he was having a party at his home at 6105 E. 28th Place North. Vernon had recently acquired a roommate and when he came home after midnight he said Vernon was asleep on the kitchen floor. As the roommate didn’t know anyone at the party he decided to go to bed. Several other partygoers walked around Vernon that night, each of them believing he was passed out from drinking.

On the morning of the 13th, the roommate left the home, believing that Vernon was still passed out. Another person who attended the party and witnessed Vernon on the floor returned in the AM to pickup some clothing and found it concerning that Vernon was still on the floor, having not moved at all. He decided to call Tulsa PD anonymously and report it. Police went to Vernon’s residence and discovered he’d been shot once in the chest sometime after midnight on the 13th. It’s possible someone shot him through his front door. At the time police said they had multiple suspects but no one has been arrested in his murder.

Please call the Tulsa PD at 918.596.9135 with any information you may have in the murder of Vernon Burl “VB” Hopkins, Jr.

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