Vanessa Mock, pictured here at 16, had recently moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from North Carolina for a work transfer at AT&T. She was found murdered inside her new apartment at 4736 NW 25th, OKC on December 19th, 1988.

The 33-year-old was found about 230 pm by her apartment manager after her boss called and asked them to check on her. She hadn’t shown for work and that was unlike Vanessa. She was in the bedroom under a pile of linens. Her nightgown was pushed up and it appeared she’d been sexually assaulted. She was likely strangled or suffocated. There were signs of a struggle in the bedroom. The police believe she was killed between 530 pm and 830 pm the day before she was discovered. The killer likely took her car as it was found along I-40 near the Hydro exit. Her back door had signs of forced entry.

The suspect is described as a black man, 35-40 years-old, 160-170 lbs and 5’11. He had dark eyes and short dark hair with a full beard and mustache.

Vanessa was divorced and had children. It seems the children were living in North Carolina at the time of the murder. It’s unknown if she had any friends or family in the Oklahoma City area.

Please call the Oklahoma City Crime Stoppers at 405.235.7300 with any information on Vanessa’s senseless murder.

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