Demographics Physical Description

Missing Age: 23 Years Hair Color: Black

Current Age: 52 Years Head Hair Description: shoulder length

Nickname/Alias: Terry Eye Color: Brown

Sex: Male Scar/mark: circle scar on right cheek/face – 1/2″-1″

Height: 5′ 9″ (69 Inches) Tattoo: heart on right hip/buttock

Weight: 155 – 160 lbs birthmark on left shoulder – large, brown, 6″ shoulder to mid arm

Race / Ethnicity: American Indian / Alaska Native sunglasses, bandana

Tribe Enrollment / Affiliation: Yes Clothing: cut-off jeans, t-shirt, cowboy hat, tennis shoes

Associated Tribe(s): Enrolled with Kiowa Tribe

Date of Last Contact: June 16, 1992

NamUs Case Created: April 13, 2019

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma

County: Comanche County

Missing From Tribal Land: No

Primary Residence on Tribal Land: No

Circumstances of Disappearance: Left on a Tuesday, went to work with employer off moving/storage company – supposed to return on Friday. Never seen again.

NamUs #MP56719

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