Nineteen year old Tena Preast went missing from her Lawton home on August 4th, 1991. She has not been seen or heard from since.

The last time Tena was reportedly seen, she was leaving the house she shared with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend stated that an unknown man had come to the door, and Tena went outside to speak with him. After about twenty minutes, her boyfriend became concerned and went outside to check on her, finding her gone. If she left on her own volition, she took nothing at all with her.

While law enforcement has never directly named a person of interest, there are two in this case: the former step-father of one of Tena’s ex-boyfriends, and a close family member. I will name neither of these men given that they haven’t been publicly named by law enforcement, however I will say that either one of them could have done something to Tena.

Last month marked thirty years since Tena was last seen. I speak to her sister regularly, and she is missed greatly.

Please, if you have any information at all about the disappearance of Tena Preast, please contact the Lawton Police Department at 580-581-3271, you may also message us here.

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