On the morning of October 19th, 1983, the body of 29-year-old mother Sherry Carver was discovered around 7 am. She’d been murdered in her apartment in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Sherry was a Pvt in the Army, stationed at Fort Sill at the time. She was with the 225th Maintenance Division. At 7 that morning a friend came to pick Sherry up for work and found the door of the apartment at 2309 NW 38th open a few inches. When they entered they found a horrifying scene. Sherry had been stabbed numerous times and according to police, “Blood was all over. Her throat had been slit…she was nearly decapitated.” She was lying on the floor near her bedroom.

Lawton PD investigated a burglary reported by the victim just days before the murder occured. At this time no one has been charged with Sherry’s murder and there are no known suspects.

Please call the Lawton Police Department with any information on the murder of Sherry Carver at 580.581.3270.

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