On March 26th, 2013, the body of Shallaina Marie Peteet Jackson, 26, was found in the 1700 block of SW Douglas in Lawton, Oklahoma. She was discovered next to a building that was once an elementary school.

Shallaina was Native and the mother of 6 children, one of which passed away before Shallaina’s murder. She was born in Anadarko, Oklahoma to a large family who are still working to find justice for her.

Shallaina was stabbed 4 times in the neck and head area. There is a possibility she was also strangled. She had numerous abrasions to her hands and her face. There were multiple witness statements in the investigation, yet it remains at a standstill, according to law enforcement. The family questions if there is enough being done by investigators to close the case. DNA was taken and tested but results weren’t publicly released.

There was a memorial for her in the place she was found murdered and it was vandalized in May of 2013. Police have no clue who may have done it.

Please call Lawton CrimeStoppers at 580.355.INFO with any information on the barbarous murder of Shallaina Marie Peteet Jackson.

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