Mother of five girls, Sandra Kay Carter Davis, was last seen on June 2nd, 1978 at Ray’s Bar in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. On November 22nd, 1978, her remains were discovered by hunters and their children in a shallow grave in an open field in the Wild Horse Mountain area, south of Sallisaw and west of Hwy 59.

The grave was 8-10 inches deep and the remains had been there at least 6 months. The leasee of the land stated that he noticed disturbed dirt in June but assumed somebody had been trying to plant cannabis. Heavy rains in the fall of 1978 made the site of the grave more noticeable. Sandra’s blouse and bra were still on her remains, however, her pants and underpants had been neatly folded underneath her body. Stains and cuts in the blouse indicate that Sandra had been stabbed. This was corroborated by evidence of broken ribs. Her shoes were not found nor was a murder weapon.

Sandra was born on August 5th, 1943 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, making her 35 at the time of her murder. She was the mother of five daughters. Sandra lived with her mother at the time of the murder. According to media reports in 2013 there was DNA to be tested but it’s unknown what the outcome was. At one point in the investigation, Herman Edward Lamb, Jr. was a suspect but there was no evidence to indicate he was involved.

Please call the Sequoyah County Sheriff at (918) 775-9155 with any information in the senseless murder of mother Sandra Kay Carter Davis.

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