Ronald Terry Curby was last seen leaving a party in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19th, 1981. Terry, as he liked to be called, was heading home to Bartlesville. He never made it home and he was never seen again.

Terry’s car was soon found parked on the side of US 75, just two miles south of the Washington-Tulsa County line. A 10-square mile area was searched around Terry’s vehicle but nothing was found. The car was found to be in working order and the doors were locked. A trucker came forward to say he saw Terry’s car on June 19th between 2:30am and 2:45am parked along US 75 with another car. Two men were getting into the backseat of that car. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember much more than that. He was even hypnotized to try to remember more details but it didn’t help him recall anything new.

Terry was the marketing manager at Applied Automation, Inc., a Phillips Petroleum Co. subsidiary. He was an employee there for 20 years and was well-respected. He was single with no children. He attended OSU after graduating high school in Oklahoma City. He walked with a limp due to childhood polio. He often wore a brace on his right leg when he went to work. When he used the stairs he would have to lift his right leg with his arms. Terry was 6’0 and 160lbs with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore glasses. He is #MP64013 in NaMus. Terry was 40-years-old when he disappeared.

Please call the Tulsa County Sheriff with any information on the whereabouts of Ronald Terry Curby at 918-596-5601.

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