Robertina Inez Hellman was found dead in her Tulsa home on May 14, 1991. She was eighteen years old.

Robertina was a senior in high school at Union High when she was found dead inside her south Tulsa apartment. Her neighbors had contacted the apartment’s leasing office when they noticed that Robertina’s sliding door was open and had been for some time. The leasing agent and a maintenance man went to check on the situation and they found Robertina’s apartment in a disastrous state. It appeared to have been ransacked, pillows had been thrown on the floor and drawers were tossed.

The leasing agent would find Robertina in the bathroom with her head submerged in water. The medical examiner would determine that she had been strangled to death. There were no signs of forced entry to the apartment, but a neighbor said they had heard loud pounding coming from Robertina’s apartment the previous night around 10pm. At the time she was murdered Robertina had only lived in the apartment for about three months and she lived alone.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Robertina Inez Hellman, please contact the Tulsa Police Department at 918-591-4000.

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