Peggy Anne McGuire disappeared from Eufaula on November 16th, 2015. She was twenty-eight years old.

The last verifiable time that Peggy was seen alive was when she dropped her son off at school the morning of November 16th, though her cell phone did ping at her residence in Stidham a short time later. After that- nothing.

The next day her vehicle would be found parking in the lot of TJ’s Ice House, and surveillance footage would show the vehicle pulling into the lot at 5:20 am, and an unknown man getting out of the truck and walking away. Peggy wasn’t a drinker and wasn’t known to frequent the bar, however her boyfriend was and did. Their relationship had been contentious for years, with allegations of abuse.

After Peggy’s disappearance, traces of blood were found on a couch that was on the back porch of the home Peggy shared with her son’s father. Blood was also found on a glove in his truck and in the scoop of a front loading tractor on the property.

In spite of multiple searches and media coverage, Peggy has yet to be found. Her family is desperate for answers, and her son deserves to know what happened to his mother.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Peggy McGuire, please contact the OSBI at 918-423-6672.

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