On June 10th, 1991, thirty-five year old Patricia “Patti” McRay was found murdered in her Lawton area home.

At the time of her murder, Patti was a well liked teacher at the Vo Tech High School in Lawton, she had only recently begun teaching there after having taught at Lawton High School for about ten years. When Patti failed to show up to work on Monday, June 10th, and her boss couldn’t reach her by phone, he went over to her home. What he found was her door forced open and the telephone wires cut. Knowing something was immensely wrong, he didn’t enter the home and called police from a neighboring house.

Police would find a scene out of a horror movie when they entered Patti’s home. Blood was smeared on the walls, and all over the floor. Following the trail of carnage, police would find Patti slumped over her bathtub. She had been stabbed approximately nine times, seven of which were through the night shirt she had been wearing. Although she had been stabbed multiple times, her actual cause of death was via asphyxiation. There were no signs of sexual trauma or of robbery, leaving the motive for Patti’s murder incredibly unclear.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Patricia “Patti” McRay, please contact the Lawton Police Department at 580-581-3270.

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