Twenty-four year old Patricia Elsken was found brutally murdered inside her Tulsa apartment on April 11th, 1988.

Authorities have stated that it appears Patricia was getting ready to leave the apartment to go to work when she was accosted. It was when she didn’t show up for her shift at work that friends and family knew something was wrong. Her mother contacted some of Patricia’s neighbors, and they are found her murdered inside of her apartment. She had sustained blunt force trauma and had been stabbed superficially several times.

Detective Eddie Majors, who has worked Patricia’s case for years, has said that they’ve never been able to develop a viable suspect. Authorities have stated that the apartment appeared to have been the scene of a violent struggle.

Patricia was incredibly close to her mother, most people describing them to be more like best friends than like mother and daughter. Jimmie died in 2018 without ever finding out who had brutally killed her daughter.

If you have any information about the murder of Patricia Elsken, please contact the Tulsa Police Department at (918) 596-2677.

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