Pamela Dawn Tinsley was nineteen when she went missing on April 12th, 1986.

The day she was last seen, Pamela had been at Lake Overholster relaxing with friends. Eventually she told one of her friends that she was going on a motorcycle ride with a man she met that day at the lake. She left behind her purse, and left wearing only her swimsuit and a pair of shorts.

While it wasn’t wholly unusual for Pamela to leave with people she had just met, it was very unusual for her not to come home later or make contact with anyone. At the time, Pamela was engaged to a man who was active duty military, but stationed elsewhere. Her parents believe that the man she left with was likely known to her in someway, especially for her to have left her purse behind. The man she left with us never been identified. Authorities believe Pamela was likely killed soon after she left the lake that day.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Pamela Dawn Tinsley, please contact the Oklahoma Cory Police Department 405-297-1000.

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