Owachige Elice Osceola was found murdered in Norman on September 25, 2013. She was twenty-seven years old.

After friends couldn’t get in touch with Owachige, and some had reportedly received a strange facebook message, police conducting a welfare check at Owachige’s home in Norman found her door kicked in and things inside the home ransacked. All of her bedding was off the bed and on the floor with Owachige found badly decomposed, facedown on the bedroom floor with a blanket covering her body. What seems like something that should be clear cut became anything but clear after the medical examiner would list her cause of death to be undetermined when conducting her autopsy. Even though there were injuries to the back of her neck consistent with strangulation.

In 2019 a second autopsy conducted by another state’s medical examiner’s office stated there was no doubt that Owachige had been murdered, however when this new autopsy was presented to the district attorney- they stated they would stand by the original ruling of the Oklahoma medical examiner. No charges have been brough against anyone in the murder of Owachige, even though that strange facebook message that had friends concerned read “Moose is tryna KM” leading her friends to believe the message meant “Moose is trying to kill me”. While Owachige did in fact know someone called Moose, they have apparently been eliminated as a suspect. While there is a prime suspect in her case- they still haven’t been charged.

Owachige was Native and of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. She grew up on the Big Cypress Reservation. She was a mother, and a daughter, and she was well loved and is very much missed. It’s time for whomever took her life to face justice. There is a $40,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in Owachige’s murder.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Owachige Elice Osceola, please contact the OSBI at 800-522-8017 or the Norman Police Department at 405-366-5208

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