Myrtle Neal Childs was found murdered in her home at 222 E. 30th St. North in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 5th, 1996. She was 78-years-old and a great-great-great grandmother. No one has ever been charged for her murder.

Myrtle’s neighbors noticed that her mail hadn’t been picked up and family came to check in on her. She was last seen the day before in her garden, where she often spent her time. Her family found the back door to her bedroom, formerly the garage, pried open. Myrtle was facedown on the floor of the bedroom. Cause of death was determined to be bludgeoning to the back of her head. Initially police didn’t believe it was robbery motivated but they later found some items missing from a trunk in the home. There was no sign of a struggle. It’s believed she was dead no longer than 6 hours.

Myrtle was born in Marietta, Texas on May 23rd, 1918. She was married to Joe N. Childs until his death in 1993. She was beloved by her family and they often drove her to church and back as she no longer drove. She spent a majority of her time at home in her garden.

Please call the Tulsa Police Department at 918-596-9222 with any information on the murder of beloved grandmother Myrtle Childs.

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