Mildred Miller Overstreet

Mildred Miller Overstreet

Date Found: October 15th, 1993

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Investigating Agency:  Tulsa Police Department Cold Case Unit


Mildred Miller Overstreet was senselessly murdered just blocks from her own home in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 15th, 1993.

Mildred and two friends were sitting in the friend’s car at 12:15am when a dark blue Buick drove up to 4605 N. Denver Avenue and started firing into the care the trio were in. Mildred was shot in the chest. She stumbled out of the car and tried to move towards her vehicle which was parked behind the friend’s car. She fell in the street and was declared dead at the scene. One friend was injured by broken glass but otherwise they were both uninjured. The trio had been hanging out in the car for 20 minutes before the shooting.

Mildred was a married mother to 4 children ages 7-12 who devoted her time to her family. She was born in Clinton, Oklahoma on August 26th, 1963 and was a McLain High School graduate. Six months before her murder Mildred had ended a relationship and he harassed her after, going so far as breaking the windows out in her house. Mildred had been threatened recently and she spoke of being concerned for her safety. Newspaper reports say he was interviewed but he’s not publicly named a suspect in her murder. In other news reports it is discussed that the car she was in was similar to one used in a recent gang shooting and it was possible it was mistaken in a retaliatory shooting.

Please call the Tulsa PD with any information in Mildred Overstreet’s murder. Her family deserves answers.

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