Mary Morgan Pewitt was twenty-five years old when she was discovered murdered in her Comanche home on June 4th, 1988.

Often when someone is murdered or goes missing, a lot of the answers to solving the crime will be found in the movements of that person’s life within the hours or days beforehand. The same cannot really be said about Mary’s murder. The day before her life was ended was extraordinarily mundane; she had gone to work the night before after dropping her two young daughters off at her mother’s to spend the night. After work she spent time at home with a friend watching tv. But sometime in the hours between 12:45 am and 6:30 am someone came into Mary’s house and savagely ended her life.

She was discovered when her mother came to the home to drop off Mary’s daughters. When Mary didn’t answer the door, her 7 year old climbed up to a window to peer inside. What she saw forever changed everything, she told her grandmother that her mother was sleeping, but all covered in blood. Mary was found clad only in a large tshirt and socks; she had been stabbed over 30 times and had very obviously tried to fight back.

Over the years a variety of suspects have come onto the scene. Mostly men whom Mary had some sort of relationship, including three husbands, all with varying degrees of criminal charges. None of them have ever been charged with anything relating to Mary’s death and all deny being involved. Mary’s oldest daughter, who was seven at the time of her mother’s murder, has her own opinions about who is the most likely suspect, and certainly isn’t afraid to voice them. Not that she should be. She’s also very vocal in her frustration with lack of development in the case. When I first spoke to Kira about two years ago, she felt that forward movement was being made, as the OSBI had taken on Mary’s case for their newly developed cold case unit. Mary was even featured on the playing cards that the OSBI distributes to prisoners. By last fall, the case was back at a standstill with nothing being done. Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe how she feels.

Kira and her sister, who were 7 and 6 respectively when their mom died, had to grow up without a mother- and without knowing what exactly happened to her. Mary is described as being a wonderful human, which is what I think her legacy should be when her name comes up, as she was so much more to so many than how her story ended.

If you have any information about the murder of Mary Morgan Pewitt, please contact the OSBI at 800-522-8017.

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